Fozmula’s Sensors to Put on a Great Show

November 23, 2013

Warwick, United Kingdom, November 23, 2013 –(– Fozmula’s stars of its show are its range of liquid level sensors and switches which shall be the subject of a special working display. Designed for use in industrial fuels, oils and coolants, they can be used in applications where there are elevated temperatures and excessive vibration. The Model T/LL350, aside from being one of the most robust sensors available, also continuously recalibrates itself and can be used in a variety of fuels without the need for user intervention. Part of Fozmula’s raison d’etre is to deliver solutions to suit all customer applications and provide an engineered product whose integrity incorporates high quality design of product value, reliability and durability as standard.

This family of liquid level senders and sensors is complemented by range of electronic switches for use in fuels, oils and coolants. Again, capacitance technology provides the technology behind these switches intelligence and programmability, which means they can offer many switching output options together with operating and engine start up delays. By using industry standard connections for both the USA and European markets they are universally interchangeable and continue the Fozmula tradition in offering more for less.

Also on show are Fozmula’s temperature products which have recently seen several technical enhancements to offer a much wider range of options. Used extensively in diesel engine applications, the temperature switches are used for water, oil or air to provide important warning data to the engine management system – surely something for everyone.

Aside from all of the “high tech” products, Fozmula manufactures a range of single level and custom built multiple level float switches for use in static fuel tanks as found on diesel generating sets and lighting towers. There are also several ranges of mechanical gauges which provide a visual indication of the level of the tank contents, and several others with either a low level switch or resistance or current output to drive a remote gauge. These are joined by the vast range of Kelch gauges and filler neck caps.

Fozmula’s Sales Director, Paul Holtby, remarked “This is the fourth MEE show that we have attended and to make it the biggest and best. We have a superb range of class leading products which I am sure will be of great interest to designers, engineers and buyers from across the world who will be coming to MEE to view new trends, new ideas and new products.”

For over thirty five years Fozmula has designed, manufactured and marketed a wide range of sensors, switches and gauges for equipment requiring liquid level, temperature and pressure measurement worldwide.

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