Honeywell sensor simplifies brushless motor design

November 17, 2013

BLDC Motor Sensors jpeg(1)-1Honeywell has developed sensor technology for brushless DC motors that does not need chopper stabilisation.

At its heart is a quad Hall element and proprietary programming resulting in “a sensitive and stable sensor across a range of temperatures that are required in different sectors such as robotics, portable medical equipment and HVAC technologies and appliances”, said Honeywell. “Initially designers may be cautious of using a sensor that does not have chopper stabilisation, but not only does the new technology overcome chopper stabilisation drawbacks, it also brings faster response time, repeatability, improved jitter performance and no additional electric noise generation over a range of temperatures.”

The firm has produced a paper that compares its chopper-less sensing with perceived rivals.

Called SS360NT/360ST/460S, the devices are designed to respond to alternating north and south poles.

SS360NT is turned on by a north pole, while the SS360ST and SS460S are turned on by a south pole.

Magnetic sensitivity is 30G typical (55G max).

HallRise and fall times are 1.5us.

They offer reverse supply protection, deliver a stable output over -40 to 150°C, and accept any dc supply voltage from 3-24V.

The two 360s are in SOT23 while the 460 is in a flat TO92 package.

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