Infomotion Sports Technologies launches smart sensor basketball

December 3, 2013

Ohio-based Infomotion Sports Technologies has announced the launch of its 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball that measures and diagnoses key skills critical to building confidence, versatility and success in the game.
The 94Fifty utilizes nine sensors inside the ball to deliver real-time shooting and ball-handling feedback, including shot speed, backspin and arc measurements, to an iPhone or iPod touch via Bluetooth Low Energy, giving players of any skill level the ability to improve important muscle memory skills more efficiently and effectively.
“The 94Fifty gives coaches insight into data they’ve never had before such as shot release time, spin rate, launch angle, dribble force and much more,” Tarek Kamil, Executive Director of Online Strategy at Infomotion, says. “With that data, coaches can develop customized workout plans for their players and, most importantly, can measure progress.”
The sensor technology inside the basketball was initially developed as part of a missile guidance system and takes 6,000 different measurements per second. The goal of the ball is to serve as a way to quantify a player’s skill level, an idea that has historically been very subjective.
“If we could ‘see’ skill, we could then measure it (Am I improving?), compare it (How does my skill compare to others by age, gender, geography, etc.?) and improve it (Based on your data, watch these three videos to help you improve.),” Kamil says.
Infomotion has already received noteworthy praise for its innovative technology. In addition to positive feedback from youth players all the way up to NBA players, Apple was so impressed by the 94Fifty when they found out about it that they signed an agreement with Infomotion to carry the ball at every one of their North American stores.
In 2014, Kamil says that Infomotion will continue to expand the online community for its users so they can compete online, look at leader boards, watch prescriptive videos and more.
“We’re looking forward to what we can do with this technology and are also working towards expanding into other sports next year,” Kamil says.
Kamil himself has been heavily engaged in the Cincinnati startup scene, having been involved in different capacities as a founder, investor, mentor and more through organizations like The Brandery, Cintrifuse, UpTech and the Greater Cincinnati Venture Association.
“I consistently try to deliver the message that you do not have to leave this area to do something awesome,” he says. “I’ve proved it in the past, and I hope we’re proving that again with Infomotion.” 

By Mike Sarason

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