Locals jump to early lead, hold on for 46-35 win

November 10, 2017

Locals jump to early lead, hold on for 46-35 win

After jumping to a quick lead at The Launch Pad Wednesday night, the Titusville lady Rockets had to finish the game by thwarting a valiant comeback effort by the Corry lady Beavers, on Titusville’s way to a 46-35 win.

The win brought the lady Rockets to the .500 mark on the young season.

The lady Rockets (2-2) dominated early play, going on a 7-0 run to open the contest, prompting the lady Beavers into a timeout.

After the stoppage, Corry managed their first points of the game in the form of a 3-pointer off the fingers of Abby Gluvna, to make it a 7-3 Titusville advantage.

The lady Rockets responded by dropping six unanswered points, before the lady Beavers managed another bucket.

As Titusville’s control of the game continued, Corry spent their second timeout with 1:42 remaining in the opening frame, down, 16-5.

The two teams exchanged points over the final minute of the first period, making it 18-7 going into the second.

The lady Rocket defense was stifling in the first quarter, allowing just three lady Beaver baskets.

Corry controlled play in the early going of the second frame, coming out of the break with a renewed focus and discipline.

The lady Beavers, however, fell short of completing plays, and missing four of five foul shots early in the quarter.

Titusville’s defense picked up play for the remainder of the half, blocking quantities of Corry shots.

By the end of the first half, Titusville had doubled Corry’s offensive output, heading into the locker room with a 28-14 lead.

Opening play in the second half, Titusville’s hot-shooting sophomore Shianne Donovan got things started for the lady Rockets, with a pair of buckets. Junior Shannon Moore added another to bring the Rocket lead to 34-14, with 3:34 remaining in the third quarter.

But, Corry would answer.

Lady Beaver Emily Zaczkiewicz added two points after a timeout, and a foul shot from Corry’s Rachel Dingfelder were not enough to get the comeback rolling.

But the tides were beginning to turn.

The game had taken on a noticeably physical style, with contestants sprawling to the floor for loose balls, and shoves being dealt from both schools.

Titusville would narrowly outscore Corry in the third quarter, 10-8, but the lady Rocket lead going into the fourth quarter, 38-22.

Coming out of the break, Titusville’s Kaylee Deeter put the home side up, 40-22, with a big lay-up, before Corry opened up their own offense and starting their trip toward a nail-biting finish.

The lady Rockets were forced into a timeout with 3:10 remaining on the game clock, after the lady Beavers scored six unanswered points, to make it a 12-point contest, at 40-28.

It didn’t help.

Corry knocked down a couple more 2-pointers, to make it a 7-point difference, at 40-33.

Time for another timeout, with just 1:23 to play.

Out of the timeout, the lady Beavers drew to within just 5 points, at 40-35.

On what would turn out to be a last gasp of hope, Corry played for a shot from beyond the arc, but the 3-pointer clanged off the iron and fell into Titusville control.

The lady Beavers’ desperation for ball control and points lead to five lady Rockets points from the free-throw line, all off the finger tips of Luellen Foltz.

Foltz’ five were the nail in the Corry coffin, as Titusville held on for the 46-35 victory.

Leading the scoring for the lady Rockets’ offense was Donovan, who scored a double-double, with 11 points and 11 rebounds. Foltz dropped 10 points for Titusville, adding eight rebounds. Deeter was third on the team in scoring, with nine points and nine rebounds.

Titusville head coach Jen Troup said her squad got tired out in the final frame.

“We had a sloppy second half,” she said. “We’re still working the season on putting together a full game. We jumped out to a big lead we really shouldn’t have given up.”

Troup said the lady Rockets are sending a young team to the court, and learning consistency will be a focus for the remainder of the season.

Moving past mistakes is a key, Troup said.

“You move on. You make a mistake, correct it and you move on.”

The Titusville lady Rockets will continue their work, before hitting the road to face the Franklin lady Knights, on Friday.

In JV action, the lady Rockets took care of business against the lady Beavers, winning 28-15.

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