PE.STONE platform provides tailorable approach to wireless Internet of Things

May 15, 2013

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Toni McConnel

May 14, 2013


Toni McConnel

PE.STONE (Paradox Engineering SmarT Object Network Engine) from Paradox Engineering SA enables companies to build their own Internet of Things solutions for Smart Cities, Smart Grid, Energy Management, Wireless Sensor Networks for any M2M, HAN (Home Area Network), HUMS (Health Usage Monitoring Service) and industrial control systems.

PE.STONE platform provides sub-GHz (from 169MHz to 950MHz) radio performance and adherence to the most advanced open standards for the Internet of Things, such as IETF IPv6 and 6LoWPAN and IEEE 802.15.4, assuring that concepts such as interoperability through open standards, scalability, and flexibility of application are built in any solution based on PE.STONE. At the same time, PE.STONE interoperability through full adherence to open standards assures investment protection and no vertical dependencies on suppliers of specific technologies.

With a full mesh networking approach, PE.STONE places Paradox Engineering’s 6LoWPAN based industry-proven network layer at the heart of the platform to provide a self-healing, highly robust and scalable network backbone.

The PE.STONE platform includes the following components (all provided with PE.STONE Software):

  • Modules: (PE.STONE.MD): a hardware LGA-SMT module enabling customers to easily develop high-performance and low-cost wireless network applications for a wide range of applications: Smart Cities, Smart Grid, Energy Management, Wireless Sensor Networks for any M2M, HAN (Home Area Network), HUMS (Health Usage Monitoring Service), and industrial control systems.
  • Dual Inline Modules (PE.STONE.DIM): powered by PE.STONE Modules and including interfaces to rapidly start developments based on PE.STONE platform.
  • Development Board (PE.STONE.DB): the easiest way to quickly experience PE.STONE Modules performances, the PE.STONE.DB allows to speed up the time to market for customers, and to quickly and effectively build and test any new custom software application based on PE.STONE Modules.

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