Portable Wheel Load Scale supports wireless weighing.

December 16, 2013

Minneapolis, MN- Intercomp’s PT300(TM) Portable Wheel Load Scale is now available with RFX(TM) Wireless Weighing as standard equipment. This sturdy, portable and compact scale can maximize legal payloads. Lightweight (weighing only 37 pounds) and accurate, this all-aluminum design is available in capacities up to 20,000 lbs. This system is ideal for uneven surfaces and withstands most weather conditions. RFX(TM) Wireless Weighing uses standard alkaline batteries that last up to 300 hours and encryption ensures secure wireless connection.

PT300(TM) RFX(TM) Wireless Scale systems are powered on four AA alkaline, NiMHstandard
or NiCad batteries. Universal charging means the user is never without power. The user will also find new and improved menu options and enhanced diagnostic menus. The “low battery” indicator informs the user when approximately two hours of operating time remain and the unit will automatically shut off to assure only accurate weights are recorded. The PT300(TM) also has a back light for easier visibility in low light conditions.

The 10 point calibration system to insure accuracy, ability to determine maximum
weight loads and permitting limits, as well as center of gravity calculation and
gross vehicle weight with overload protection makes this system the perfect
choice for most any vehicle weighing application.

RFX(TM) Wireless PT300(TM) Wheel Load Scales are offered in 2, 4, or 6 pad systems which include a handheld RFX(TM) Wireless Weighing Indicator, Totalizing Cable, Universal Charging Cable and Transport/Storage Case.

For more information, contact Intercomp at 800-328-3336 or worldwide 763-476-2531, Fax 763-476-2613, Email: [email protected] or visit us on the web at www.intercompcompany.com


Originally posted 2011-04-26 00:12:21.

Article source: http://news.thomasnet.com/fullstory/Portable-Wheel-Load-Scale-supports-wireless-weighing-594829


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