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December 19, 2013

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The Comus RI-80 SMDH Series of ultra-micro dry-reed switches, which are
hermetically sealed in a gas-filled glass envelope, is now available from
Rutronik. They are a single-pole, single-throw (SPST) type with normally
open contacts and two magnetically actuated reeds. The switches are of the
double-ended type and may be actuated by an electromagnet, a permanent
magnet or a combination of both.

The RI-80 SMDH series features contact layers in gold or sputtered
ruthenium, a superior glass-to-metal seal and blade alignment. It is RoHS
compliant and ideal for proximity sensors, telecom and medical applications.
These switches are the only reed switches recognized as the true ATE grade
quality switches. It is encapsulated for extra durable protection and can
withstand increased rugged conditions and handling. The operating ambient
temperature reaches from -55C up to +125C. It is disposable in three styles:
G1 Model (Gull Wing), G2 Model (Gull Wing) and J-Lead Model.

The RI-80 SMDH Reed switch is ideal for applications such as notebook
computers, cellular phones, copiers, automotive parts (doors, sun roof,
liquid level and positioning sensing), security for doors, windows and
detection of smoke, for toy (electronics board games, LEGO sensors, bicycle
speedometers), industrial applications (pressure gauges, flow meters,
key-knob switches) and for domestic appliances (coffee machine, humidifier,
water and detergent level sensing in washing machines and dish washers).

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