Sensor Wristband for ‘Round-the-Clock Health and Fitness Monitoring

March 5, 2014

Angel Sensor Sensor Wristband for Round the Clock Health and Fitness MonitoringA steadily developing field of medical advancement is in the utilization of commonplace sensors as tools for the measurement of various aspects of an individual’s health. Among these new implementations is a wristband being developed by medical sensor start-up Angel Sensor. The wristband can be worn 24/7, and measures such aspects of health as activity, vital signs, calorie management, sleep monitoring, and personalized data representation in the form of smartphone/cloud management. Such measurements are taken through the use of on-board acoustical, optical, temperature, and acceleration sensors, and then relayed to a synced smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. The information gathered by the device can also be accessed on the web, not just on the phone, and if a life-threatening assessment is gauged by the device, the user’s physician can be notified.

Angel Sensor’s wristband goes beyond standard functionality to feature an open-development platform. What this means for the end-user, is that a host of applications can be developed from the freely available API specifications of the wristband, breaking the traditional mold of a one-size-fits-all-app approach. Hence, specialized apps can be developed for this device, intended for specific use-cases, such as ones dedicated to patients with heart disease, lung disease, or difficulty sleeping. Furthermore, when Angel’s web API is completed, users will have access to all of their health metrics online from any web-connected device. When this company’s wristband hits the market, it will be the first ‘open sensor’ for health and fitness of its kind, giving it great potential to be a useful health monitoring tool for health-conscious consumers.

Product website: The First Open Sensor for Health and Fitness…

Yona Sensor Wristband for Round the Clock Health and Fitness Monitoring

Yona Sensor Wristband for Round the Clock Health and Fitness Monitoring

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