Snap-on adds programmable sensor add-on package for TPMS3

December 24, 2013

KENOSHA, Wis. — Snap-on Tools, a subsidiary of Snap-on Inc., has improved its TPMS3 Tire Sensor System Tool by adding the Snap-on Programmable Sensor Add-on Package (TPMS3PRG), the company said.

The add-on package will allow service technicians to program replacement or duplicate aftermarket tire pressure monitoring sensors, saving time and reducing inventory, Snap-on said.

TPMS3PRG is an optional activation that lets users utilize their existing or new TPMS3 tool to program aftermarket sensors. It can be used to replace a sensor with low battery life or one that is non-functioning, Snap-on said, as well as to create duplicate sets for customers that change from summer to winter tires.

“The Snap-on TPMS3PRG activation enhances the capabilities of our TPMS3 tool, allowing technicians the opportunity to replace a broken or nonfunctioning sensor by programming a duplicate sensor with an identical ID,” said Mike DeKeuster, category manager, Snap-on. “In addition to this, it can also be used to create a generic sensor ID as well. With TPMS3PRG, users can program universal sensors to fit multiple vehicles, greatly reducing the variety and number of sensors that shops need to keep in inventory.”

According to Snap-on, the add-on is designed to work with all major aftermarket sensors, including EZ-sensor, Alligator, Dorman DiRECT-FIT, Standard Clone-able, NAPA Echlin Clone-able, Intermotor Clone-able and OEC ID Copy.

The kit consists of a registration certificate containing a Web TPM code, which provides access to sensor programming functionality and a 2GB micro SD memory card. The kits requires TPMS3 software version CS2-02 or newer.

To learn more about TPMS3 and the Programmable Sensor Add-on Package, visit the company’s website at

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