ST LSM6DB0 sensor module fully supports Android KitKat

December 14, 2013

Eyes On Android

ST LSM6DB0 Always_On_6_Axis_Sensors

ST is describing its new low-power, always-on inertial motion sensors as the “brainiest” 6-axis MEMS device on the market.

It has announced the LSM6DB0, a new family of always-on 6-axis inertial motion sensors. The family features a 6-axis inertial motion-sensing device that can run all sensor-related functions as well as customer-specific application software onboard.

“If you go for a long run, you need your portable device to accurately track the whole route, without running out of power midway. The new ST sensors help avoid such mishaps by significantly reducing power consumption,” said Benedetto Vigna, General Manager Analog, MEMS Sensors Group, STMicroelectronics.

“Our new iNEMO product is the market’s ‘brainiest’ 6-axis motion-sensing device that can run all sensor-related software on-chip within previously unattainable power budgets. As a family, these new sensors offer greater convenience and value while showcasing ST’s emphasis on delivering outstanding innovation and quality and benefiting from our experience in shipping hundreds of millions of inertial measurement units (IMUs).”

ST family - Always_On_6_Axis_Sensors_block_p3497Examples of use? Application developers could detect orientation and gestures to add specific features, such as taking 360-degree panoramic photos simply by the slow rotation of a phone, or scrolling through maps via a sweep of your arm…

Where does Android fit in? The company claims it is the only device on the market that can efficiently run all of the sensor-related features specified in Android KitKat 4.4 on board – “saving power, enabling faster reaction time and simplifying device design”.

Device manufacturers can integrate their own custom sensor application software, due to the open microprocessor architecture.

The company writes:

The LSM6DB0 is ideal for baseband chipsets that don’t include a sensor co-processor; all sensor-related functions run onboard to minimize application latency at the system level. This smart sensor is well suited to, and fully compatible with, all of the latest mobile operating systems. For example, it can run all of the features of Android Kit-Kat 4.4, including full sensor configuration and management, smart power management, magnetometer calibrations, gyroscope bias estimation and offset compensation, accelerometer background calibration, 6- and 9-axis fusion, pedometer and step counting, significant motion-data collection, buffering with real-time data-stamp generation, and individual batch mode for all real and virtual sensors.

See also: What is… the Android Sensor Manager?

Package dimensions are: 3x3x0.8mm (LSM6DS0, LSM6DS1) or 3x3x1mm (LSM6DB0).

ST’s new 6-axis inertial motion sensors – LSM6DB0, LSM6DS1, and LSM6DS0 – are sampling now, with volume production scheduled for first half of 2014.

Key Features

Motion sensors:

  • ±2/±4/±8 g full scale
  • ±245/±500/±2000 dps full scale
  • 6-axis eco power mode down to 1.8 mA
  • 3 independent acceleration channels and 3 angular rate channels
  • Embedded temperature sensor
  • 20 Kbyte data batching
  • 6-axis and 9-axis quaternions
  • Self-test
  • ECOPACK, RoHS and “Green” compliant

Signal processor:

  • ARM-based, 32-bit Cortex-M0 core
  • Flash memory and SRAM including a bank with error code correction (ECC)
  • I2C master port
  • I2C slave port
  • SPI master/slave
  • 4-wire UART
  • 11 programmable GPIOs
  • Low-power features
  • 8 x 32-bit dual timers, watchdog timer (WDG), Cortex-M0 system tick (SysTick) timer
  • Standard 4-wire JTAG and 2-wire SWD
  • 80 MHz / 32 kHz RC / up to 80 MHz from single-ended external clock


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