Temporary Tattoo-Like Sensor Can Track Your Temperature

May 17, 2014

Quantify Yoself!

By Kelly Faircloth

It'll match your gold iPhone perfectly, I guess? (Photo: University of Illinois and Beckman Institute)

It’ll match your gold iPhone perfectly, I guess? (Photo: University of Illinois and Beckman Institute)

Alert the self-quantifiers and the hypochondriacs alike, because researchers have produced an ultrathin, pliable sensor you can wear on your skin, which’ll keep track of your temperature at all times.

Can’t wait until Facebook is flooded with every stage of everyone’s annual bouts with the flu.

Phys.org reports that the patch (developed at the University of Illinois) ”looks like a bar-code tattoo and is applied using special glue,” landing it somewhere around Star Trek: TNG fandom on the futuristic coolness spectrum. (Max coolness is William Gibson; min coolness is Babylon 5.)

It’s designed to be more precise than existing options and without the tendency to irritate patients’ skin. And while, yes, the tech does promise even more detail for Naveen Selvadurai’s personal API, what’s more important are the clinical applications, like allowing hospital staff to monitor blood flow remotely.

Unfortunately it’ll be quite a while before you and me get our mitts on this piece of wearable technology, because it currently requires an external power source and let’s face it, endlessly quantifying yourself is dorky enough without requiring you strap a battery onto your belt.

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Originally posted 2013-09-16 22:46:39.

Article source: http://betabeat.com/2013/09/temporary-tattoo-like-sensor-can-track-your-temperature/


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