Travel Posters To Movie Locales Are A Roaming Film Buff’s Ideal Christmas Gift

December 4, 2013

If only this was a real place.

ali xenos etsy travel posters

Alas, as awesome as a trip to the swamps of Naboo or the forests of Endor may sound, the whole located “in a galaxy, far, far away” might be an issue for travellers. Still, that didn’t stop graphic designer Ali Xenos from whipping up several retro travel posters of destinations only found on the big and small screens.

Aside from the classic “Star Wars” locales, Xenos has a few posters depicting iconic sites from “Game of Thrones” and from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

ali xenos travel posters

It’s still unclear as to who would want to travel to Mordor, what with the whole crowded-with-legions-of-evil-orcs thing, but for the travelling movie buff on anyone’s Christmas gift list, these posters ought to make the perfect present.

If anything, perhaps these posters will spark an actual trip to the real-life destinations where “The Hobbit” and “Game of Thrones” take place. New Zealand is expecting to ride another wave of tourists thanks to the “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” film, set for release in mid-December.

kings landing

Meanwhile, parts of Europe are enjoying some of the limelight thanks to “Game of Thrones” tours highlighting regions in Croatia, Northern Ireland and Iceland.

As for “Star Wars” fans, there’s always the Hôtel Sidi Driss in Tunisia. Fans will remember the sandy dome from “Episode I: A New Hope” as Luke’s home on Tatooine. But there’s still no word on any of the new locations in J.J. Abram’s continuation of the franchise.

If worse comes to worst, take a trip to Calgary, where a winter blizzard may be the next best thing to visiting the icy tundras of Hoth.

You can find more of Xenos’ work at her Etsy page here

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    Know someone who’s finally taking their dream trip to the jungle, desert or beach resort? Then get them the a href=”” target=”_blank”Cool Scarf/a. This Canadian-made scarf will keep you cool for 48 hours. Just soak it in clean, cold water for 20 minutes and then the polymer crystals inside will turn into a cooling gel. Order one online for a href=”” target=”_blank”here/a $18.

  • Traveller Lite Hammock

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  • Mini Scratch Map

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    Like a lottery ticket, rub off the gold finish to see what each golden continent is hiding underneath. Maybe it’s a colourful country, vibrant capital cities or fun geographical facts. Maps are available online at a href=”” target=”_blank”Restoration Hardware /a for $24.

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  • Joby Flexible Tripod

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  • Eton Radio

    Perhaps you like to go off the grid when you travel or maybe the power grid has gone off wherever you are. Either way, this Eton FRX2 AM/FM/WB Radio will save you from those times when complete silence is not what you need.

    It recharges via its solar panel or its hand turbine (with a modest amount of cranking, promise), acts as a flashlight and charges mobile devices, for those who can’t stand being left in the dark. You can pick one up online at a href=”″ target=”_blank”Mountain Equipment Co-op for $42/a

  • For The Travelling Sisters, Consider Getting Them:

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  • A Clear Makeup Bag

    With the strict liquid constraints for carry-on luggage, it’s hard for a woman to always have toiletries by her side. Getting her a a href=”” target=”_blank”clear make-up bag/a to use during travel will allow her to keep her liquids in a sturdy make-up bag instead of the flimsy plastic bags supplied at the airport.

    Price: $17.00

  • Travel Makeup Brushes

    A frequent traveller learns to have a travel-size version of everything she needs. Do your sister a favour and get her a pack of good quality make-up brushes so she can cross that expense off her list. Thisa href=”” target=”_blank” portable brush kit from The Body Shop/a includes a travel size blusher brush, eyeshadow brush, slanted brush, and lipstick/concealer brush. The brushes also come in a case along with a pocket that is perfect for storing small make-up products.

    Price: $19.00

  • For The Solo Female Travellers, Consider Getting Them:

  • The Travel Journal

    The a href=”” target=”_blank”Everywoman’s Travel Journal/a is perfect for women who travels solo and wants to keep a record of her adventures and experiences. The journal also comes with lists and tips for female travellers on security, packing, shopping, etiquette, avoiding jet lag and natural remedies for common travel ailments. There is also an inside pocket where she can store mementos, postcards, receipts, and maps of her destinations.

    Price: $15.99

  • The Steady Tool

    Thisa href=”″ target=”_blank” Gerber Gear camera tripod/a will allow the solo female traveller in your life to snap pictures of herself and not just the scenery around her. The tripod can mount either a camera or a cell phone, and also comes equipped with a fine edge blade, a serrated blade, three screwdrivers, a bottle opener, pliers and wire cutters. It’s just one of a few multi-purpose items that will help her through unexpected situations she may find herself in.

    Price: $64.00

  • For The Female Business Travellers, Consider Getting Them:

  • A Laptop Sleeve

    Part of travelling for business means you have to take your work with you. Instead of lugging around a laptop bag and a carry-on piece of luggage, simplify her life by getting her a durable and stylish laptop sleeve to keep her laptop safe inside her carry-on. This a href=”,en_US,pd.html?dwvar_8ARU0003_color=050#start=3cgid=ks-accessories-laptop-cases” target=”_blank”Kate Spade laptop sleeve/a fits a 13” laptop and is printed with the signature Kate Spade polka dots.

    Price: $60.00

  • Travel Toothbrush

    For a female who is constantly travelling, the a href=”” target=”_blank”Violight travel-size toothbrush/a and sanitizer is a must-have. This travel toothbrush is contained in a case away from the germs in the carry-on, toiletries bag, or the hotel sink. It will also sanitize the brush to kill 99.9 per cent of germs including H1N1, E. coli, Staph, and Salmonella in six minutes by using a germicidal UV light technology.

    Price: $29.95

  • For The Travelling Daughters, Consider Getting Them:

  • Mini Speaker

    While your daughter is travelling, it is very likely she’ll be partying for a night or two. Whether listening to music poolside or in the hotel room while her and her friends get ready to hit the town, a travel-size speaker will come in very handy. This a href=”″ target=”_blank”Jawbone Mini JAMBOX /aspeaker is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and is designed for simple portability.

    Price: $179.99

  • Water Bottle

    Getting your daughter a water bottle isn’t the most exciting travel gift, but this isn’t your average water bottle. Not only will it remind her to stay hydrated, but the a href=”″ target=”_blank”Camelbak All Clear Microbiological UV Water Purifier Kit /aprovides your daughter with a water bottle capable of purifying water while travelling that’s safe to drink.

    Price: $99.00

  • For The Travelling Moms, Consider Getting Them:

  • A Travel Blanket And Pillow Set

    A little comfort goes a long way when you’re travelling with kids. Whether she needs to warm up while sleeping on a plane or train, or one of her kids want to catch a nap during the trip, a travel-sized blanket and pillow can provide some comfort during an uncomfortable situation.

    The Nap Sac Travel Blanket+Pillow set is compact for travelling since the blanket can be folded up and inserted into the pillow for easy packing, or used as a a comfy fleece cover, with an built-in inflatable pillow.

    Price: $31.00

  • Baby Carrier

    Travelling with a car seat or stroller can be difficult depending on the destination. This a href=”” target=”_blank”Gemini baby carrier/a from Beco allows a mom to carry her infant in four different positions. The baby carrier comes with shoulder straps, an ergonomic seat and head support for both the baby and parent’s comfort.

    Price: Price: $130.00

  • For The Travelling Girlfriends, Consider Getting Them:

  • Perfume Sticks

    Perfume can be a great gift idea for a girlfriend, but if she travels often you should consider getting her some travel-friendly perfume. The a href=”” target=”_blank”Aroamas perfume sticks/a won’t take up space in her liquid allowance in her carry-on since the scent comes in a solid. This adventure pack includes three fragrances called “Ticket”, “Journey” and “Dream”. The perfume sticks release fragrance as they glide across the skin.

    Price: $20.00

  • Multipurpose Scarf

    If you’re looking to get your girlfriend a high-end gift with a taste of luxury, a cashmere scarf is perfect for a gal who likes to travel. This a href=”” target=”_blank”Club Monaco Luella cashmere scarf/a can work both as a lightweight wool scarf, and a thin blanket to use during her flight and train travels.

    Price: $159.50

  • Stock Stuffer Ideas For Female Travellers

  • Multi-Purpose Balm

    When it comes to beauty products and travelling, she doesn’t want to pack her entire medicine cupboard full of moisturizers. A multi-purpose balm like this rose salve from a href=”″ target=”_blank”Bath Body Works/a will serve as a lip balm and skin moisturizer. She’ll be able to use it on her lips, face, cuticles, elbows, knees, and on any chapped or very dry skin patches.

    Price: $5.50

  • Luggage Tags

    Instead of filling out a new airline-provided luggage tag each time she goes on a trip, get her a set of tags she can keep on each piece of her luggage. They’ll help her spot her items on the carousel at the airports, and they’re also cute accessories to add to her collection of bags and suitcases. These a href=”Link:” target=”_blank”Herb Lester tags/a aren’t just for show; they might look like paper but they are able to withstand rips, tears and rain, and are almost indestructible. If you don’t think she’ll use them on her luggage, they’ll make great gift tags too.

    Price: $5.89

  • Travel Socks

    Socks are always a great stocking stuffer idea because we all need them. What makes thesea href=”″ target=”_blank” Tilley socks/a travel-worthy? They are designed with arch support and moisture escape panels for a dry and comfortable fit which will help prevent blisters. They are also guaranteed hole-free for three years and will dry overnight if she’s washing them while travelling.

    Price: $16.00

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  • If He’s A Road Warrior.. Consider Getting Him Satellite Radio

    Chance are if your guy is a frequent road tripper, he’ll have an adapter for his iPod if a jack doesn’t come built into his car. But there’s only so much music and so many podcasts you can cram into an iPod before it runs out of space. Instead, why not consider a satellite radio?

    A package from a href=”” target=”_hplink”Sirus XM /aoffers more than 120 channels split between music, news, sports and talk programs so there’s something for everyone. Hardware comes in a variety in sizes depending on whether you want to listen in the car or take the radio inside your house. All that’s left is to choose a monthly subscription and your man with have something to listen to while driving or to keep the kids entertained on the next family road trip.

    Sirus XM Radio: a href=”” target=”_hplink”$29.99 – $299.99 + Subscription service ($15.99-21.99/month)/a

  • If He’s A Backpacker.. Consider Getting Him A Scrubba bag

    Maybe the man you’re gifting likes to backpack. Perhaps he’s done Europe, maybe he’s heading to Asia or perhaps he’s never backpacked at all. Either way, he’ll realize one thing quick: a href=”” target=”_hplink”pack smart and pack light/a. That means choosing a limited number of clothes with plans to wash them regularly.

    To help him along, a href=”” target=”_hplink”a Scrubba bag/a might be a good idea. Essentially a portable and self-contained washing machine, it requires no batteries or electricity. All that’s needed is some detergent, water and dirty clothes. Travellers fill the bag with all three items, fold it up to the specific level, give the contents a 30-180 second rub, rinse the clothes with clean water and hang everything to dry.

    Scrubba Bag: a href=”” target=”_hplink”Available online starting at $64.95/a

  • If He’s A Business Traveller.. Consider Getting Him A Dodo Tablet Case

    If your travelling man is a business traveller, there’s a good chance he eschews a traditional laptop for a tablet. So logically, the next step is to accessorize said tablet. And that’s where Dodo cases come in.

    Yes, the dodo seems like a strange animal to name your brand after, but these cases are feather-free and much more resilient than their name gives credit for. Cases come in a variety of sizes so whether your guy owns an iPad Mini or Nexus 7, there’s something to protect his device. The case gives a sophisticated look, like what Ernest Hemingway would carry if tablets existed during his time, all while protecting the precious content against drops, nicks and scratches.

    Cases come in various builds, from your basic cover to a fitted wooded trim to keep your tablet nice and snug.

    Dodo Cases: a href=”” target=”_hplink”Available online for $34.95 and up./a

  • If He’s A First-Time Traveller.. Consider Getting Him A Google Nexus 5

    Let’s be honest: you must really like this guy if you’re giving him a brand new phone. But rather than deal with the complications of choosing a carrier and plan, gifting a Nexus 5 smartphone means you can give an unlocked phone and let the guy set it up on his own terms.

    Granted, this means purchasing the phone directly from Google Play but the benefits are that the phone works out to be cheaper when bought outright. Also it gives your guy the freedom to swap out SIM cards based on wherever he’s travelling instead of dealing with Canadian carrier’s long-distance add-ons.

    Google Nexus 5: Available online at a href=”” target=”_hplink”Google Play starting at $349.00 for 16GB /aof memory ($399.00 for 32GB)

  • If He’s A Well-Seasoned Traveller.. Consider Getting Him A Morphie Juice Pack

    On the topic of phones, a well-seasoned traveller knows that a smartphone can prove to be an indispensable tool. They’re pretty much the Swiss Army knives of the 21st century giving travellers a camera, access to maps or internet connection…until the phone runs out of juice. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of expandable battery packs to help smartphones get through a rigorous day of use.

    Morphie comes recommended thanks to its support for most flagship phones and its unique blend of an extra battery hidden inside a minimalist case. It may add a little bulk to your phone but the extra juice will come handy if you’re a travelling power user.

    Morphie Juice Pack: a href=”” target=”_hplink”Available online starting at: $79.95 /a

  • If He’s A Father.. Consider Getting Him A Bellroy Slim Wallet

    A bulging pocket due to an oversized wallet can make anyone a prime target for thieves. So to minimize risk, a wallet with a slim profile can help dads cut down on bulk, get organized and even make more room photos of the kids.

    Wallets can be a matter of personal preference but the makers at a href=”” target=”_hplink”Bellory /a have nine different styles of wallets, each coming in at least two colours and a various sizes based on how they fold up. There’s even a dedicated traveller’s wallet which features slots for your passport, boarding passes, business, credit and bank cards as well as currency bills of all shapes and sizes.

    Bellroy Slim Wallets: a href=”” target=”_hplink”Available online starting at $54.95/a

  • If He’s An Adventure Traveller.. Consider Getting Him A GoPro Video Camera

    Ah yes, the male adventure traveller. The man who’s probably been in more foreign hospitals than you have stamps on your passport. While a traveller’s insurance policy is more practical, a GoPro camera might be more appreciated. The company’s latest line, the Hero3+, comes in three different tiers, but they all feature the same lightweight, yet rugged frame which houses a five megapixel shooter capable of recording 1080p HD quality video or better.

    Cameras are mountable on helmets, clamps or straps and are well suited for the reckless and wild adventure traveller in your life. After all, what good is doing cool stuff abroad unless you can document it and share it on the internet?

    GoPro Hero3+: a href=”” target=”_hplink”Available online and at major electronic retailers starting at $199.99/a

  • If He’s A Guy Who Likes To Eat Food And Travel.. Consider Getting Him A Scratch And Cook Map

    Travel and food go hand in hand so for the gastronomically gifted in your network of male travellers, try a scratch and cook map. Created by a href=”” target=”_hplink”Luckies of London/a, these designers have crafted a gourmet scratch map which features crafty typography of local cuisine shaped into the regions they hail from.

    The idea is that if you’ve visited a particular country, you get to scratch off the black top coating, revealing a coloured version of the country and a recipe suggestion to invoke those tasty meals you once had abroad. At the very least, it’s a neat way to show off how diverse your palette really is.

    Gourmet Scratch Map: a href=”–scratch-map/” target=”_hplink”Available online for $31.50/a

  • If He’s Your Secret Santa.. Consider Getting Him A Cool Travel T-Shirt

    Whether you know your secret Santa well or whether he’s some random dude whose name you drew from a hat, Pilot and Captain’s airport T-shirts can make a nice gift regardless of your relationship.

    They’re made out of comfy cotton, come in a small to XX-large and feature a variety of major North American airports and a few in Europe. After all, every traveller has an airport they call home base or they’ve fallen in love with. What better way to show off that pride than by wearing it on your short sleeves?

    Pilot And Captain’s Airport T-Shirts: a href=”” target=”_hplink”Available online starting at $32.00/a

  • If He’s A Roaming Shutter Bug.. Consider Getting Him A Mirrorless Camera

    Not quite a point-and-shoot and not quite a DSLR, mirrorless cameras blend the small, portable body of a point and shoot with the customization of a DSLR thanks to the swappable lenses. If you’re set on buying a mirrorless camera, Sony’s latest Alpha 7R and Alpha 7 are the world’s first mirrorless cameras to feature full-frame CMOS sensors.

    If that’s meaningless to you, know that you can now get a DSLR-quality photos in a much small package. And when it comes to travel photography, smaller and lighter is typically better.

    Sony Alpha 7R Mirrorless Camera: a href=”” target=”_hplink”Available this December at most electronic retailers for $2.300. (Sony Alpha 7 priced at $1,700)/a

  • If He’s Your Boyfriend.. Consider Making Him Something

    This is your boyfriend we’re talking about here. If he’s travelling without you — his beloved partner — then it must not be an enjoyable trip. So, to ease the pain, or at least damper the thoughts of him cheating, why not make him something by using your strengths?

    Are you a solid baker? A dozen chocolate chip cookies with taste 100 times better than whatever’s on the plane. Maybe you’re good with words? Poetry and hand-written letters are a long lost art in this age. Even something as simple as a box of photos featuring your finest moments as a couple will suffice. Besides, you can always get him something from this list for his birthday.

    Home-made gift: Priceless

  • If He’s A Weary Traveller.. Consider Getting Him An Airport Code Pillow

    Travel can be exhausting and for the weary male traveller on your shopping list, we recommend the Airport Code Pillow. Like a t-shirt, these pillows feature a printed airport code of your choice, though the only ones available are Canadian (we’re not complaining).

    Pillows measure 20″ by 20″ or a smaller 20″ by 11″ and are feathered filled for added comfort during those long flights. There’s even a few with a Canadian icons for anyone feeling extra patriotic about their home and native land.

    Airport Code Pillow: a href=”” target=”_blank”Available online starting at $65.00/a

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