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December 28, 2013

Dallas, Texas —

The 2013 study “Energy Harvesting: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, 2013 to 2019” has 597 pages, 288 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as the Energy Harvesting is used inside telemedicine systems and m-health initiatives as a way to implement ruggedized handset communications for all clinicians.

Energy Harvesters markets at $131.4 million in 2012 are projected to increase to $4.2 billion in 2019. Growth is anticipated to be based on demand for micro power generation that can be used to charge thin film batteries. Systems provide clean energy that is good for the environment. Growth is based on global demand for sensors and wireless sensor networks that permit control of systems.

Complete report is available at http://www.reportsnreports.com/reports/271933-energy-harvesting-market-shares-strategy-and-forecasts-2013-to-2019.html.

ENERGY HARVESTING Company Profiles: ABB, Adaptive Materials Technology – Adaptamat Ltd, Alphabet Energy, Arrow Electronics, American Elements, USA, Australian Defence Science Technology Organisation (DSTO), Arveni, Avnet, BAE Systems, Boeing, BYD, CST, Cymbet, Digi International, Dust Networks, EnOcean GmbH, Finmeccanica, Flexible Electronics Concepts, Ferro Solutions, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, General Electric Company, GMZ, Honeywell, Infinite Power Solutions, Inventec, IO, ITN Lithium Technology, II-VI incorporated / Marlow Industries, JonDeTech, KCF Technologies Inc, Kelk, Levant Power, LORD Corporation, MacSema, MicroGen Systems, Micropelt, Millennial Net, Modern Water, Nature Technology, Nextreme, Northrop Grumman, OMRON, Planar Energy Devices , Perpetua, Perpetuum, Phononic Devices, Polatis Photonics, Primus Power, PS, Schneider Electric, Severn Water / Modern Water / Cymtox Limited, Silicon Labs, Syngenta Sensors UIC, Teledyne / Rockwell Scientific, Texas Instruments (TXN:NYSE), Trophos Energy, University of California, Berkeley and more.

Advanced storage devices are emerging simultaneously. Storage devices can leverage the power captured by energy harvesting devices. Energy storage technologies of super-capacitors and thin-film batteries have become cost-effective. Energy harvesting devices have attained workable levels of efficiency. There are significant cost reductions. Many applications are related to smarter computing that depends on sensors capturing change in conditions and making adjustments to the environment based on measured change.

Existing energy harvesting and storage applications include vibration-based wireless train measuring systems, wireless sensors distributed city wide to implement smart cities, oil field monitoring systems, windup laptops for use in remote regions, and wireless light switches for use in smart buildings. Wireless sensors are self-powering. They can be used to alert and monitor a range of environments and incidents, pollution and forest fires, robberies in a city, temperature in a building, and movement around a border fence.

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Energy harvesting technologies include electrodynamics, photovoltaics, piezoelectrics, and thermovoltaics. Photovoltaic systems for solar energy are evolving at a slower pace. The energy harvesting and energy storage market factors implement light harvesting for small devices

Technological developments in the fields of low-power electronics and energy storage systems have allowed energy harvesting to become an increasingly viable technology. It is alternatively referred to as energy scavenging and power harvesting. Energy harvesting technology has become sophisticated and efficient.

According to the study, “Converting ambient energy to useable electrical energy harvesting (EH) systems is a useful and compelling technology. The technologies offer an inexpensive and compact way to power portable electrical devices initially and to create stores of power in the long term.”

Electronics tends to rely heavily on batteries. EH technology powers an increasing number of consumer and industrial products that are untethered or need to become disconnected from electrical outlets. As initial projects succeed and prove their worth, the technology is set to proliferate.

At some point energy harvester markets will shift from simple growth to rapid growth measured as a penetration analysis. This will happen as markets move beyond the early adopter stage. Eventually energy harvesters will be used as fuel to power batteries for electronic devices and smart phones. The energy is manufactured from vibration and thermal differentiation that is ambient in the environment. Energy harvesters have become more feasible as the technology evolves.

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List of Tables and Figures

Table ES-1 Energy Harvesting And Energy Storage Market Factors

Table ES-2 Energy Harvesting Market Driving Forces

Figure ES-3 Energy Harvesting Market Shares, Dollars, 2012

Figure ES-5 Energy Harvesting Device Market Industry Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2013-2019

Figure 1-1 Sources of Energy Harvesting

Figure 1-2 Connected Devices

Table 1-3 Smarter Planet Sensor Network Systems Functions

Figure 1-4 Energy Harvesting Circuit Board

Figure 1-5 Energy Harvesting on Bear Sensor

Table 1-6 Energy Harvesting Applications

Table 1-7 Common Sources of Energy Harvesting

Table 1-8 Components of an Energy Harvesting System

Figure 1-9 IBM WebSphere Application Server Implements Smarter Computing

Table 1-10 Energy Harvesting Target Markets

Table 1-11 Principal Features Used To Compare Rechargeable Batteries

Table 1-12 Challenges in Battery and Energy Harvesting System Design

Figure 1-13 BMW s Mini E Electric Car Powered By A Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

Table 1-14 Examples of Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Figure 1-15 Typical Structure Of A Thin Film Solid State Battery

Table 2-1 Energy Harvesting And Energy Storage Market Factors

Table 2-2 Energy Harvesting Market Driving Forces

Figure 2-3 Energy Harvesting Market Shares, Dollars, 2012

Table 2-4 Energy Harvesting Market Shares, Vibration, Piezoelectric, Thermoelectric, Magnetic, Dollars, Worldwide, 2012

Figure 2-5 Silicon Labs Solutions For Energy Harvesting Systems

Figure 2-6 Perpetuum Markets Served By Industry

Figure 2-7 Perpetuum ROI Addresses The Hidden Costs Of Under Monitored Assets

Figure 2-8 Perpetuum Estimates Number of BOP Machine Assets Under Monitored Exceeds 70%

Table 2-9 Leading Energy Harvesting Market Participants by Technology

Figure 2-10  Energy Harvesting Device Market Industry Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2013-2019

Table 2-11 Energy Harvesting Market Segments, Worldwide, 2013-2019

Figure 2-12 Energy Harvesting High End Device Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2013-2019

Figure 2-13 Energy Harvesting Low End Device Market Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2013-2019

Table 2-14 Energy Harvesting Market Forecasts, Dollars and Units, Worldwide, 2013-2019

Figure 2-15 Energy Harvesting High End Devices, Units, Worldwide, Forecasts, 2013-2019

Figure 2-16 Energy Harvesting Low End Devices, Units, Worldwide, Forecasts, 2013-2019

Table 2-17 Energy Harvesting Market Segments, Vibration, Thermovoltaics, Piezoelectrics, Photovoltiacs, Dollars, Worldwide, 2013-2019

Table 2-18 Energy Harvesting Market Segments, Vibration, Thermovoltaics, Piezoelectrics, Photovoltiacs, Percent, Worldwide, 2013-2019

Figure 2-19 Smarter Computing Depends on Instrumented Devices

Figure 2-20 Smarter Planet Impact on IT

Table 2-21 Smarter Computing Market Driving Forces

Figure 2-22 Number and Floor Space of US Commercial Buildings

Table 2-23 Advantages Offered by SOA

Table 2-24 Thin Film Battery Market Driving Forces

Table 2-25 Thin Film Battery Benefits

Table 2-26 Comparison Of Battery Performance

Figure 2-27 Thin Film Battery Energy Density

Figure 2-28 Silver Nanoplates

Figure 2-29 Marlow Energy Harvesting Device Price

Figure 2-30 Nextreme Energy Harvesting Modules WPG-1 WRLES PWR GEN 1mW 3.3, 4.1 OR 5V

Figure 2-31 MicroPelt Energy Harvester

Table 2-32 Energy Harvesting Regional Market Segments, Dollars, 2012

Table 2-33 Energy Harvesting Regional Market Segments, 2012

Figure 3-1 Silicon Laboratories Energy Harvesting Components

Table 3-2 Silicon Labs Solutions For Energy Harvesting Applications

Table 3-3 Silicon Labs Solutions For Energy Harvesting Solutions

Table 3-4 Silicon Labs Solutions For Energy Harvesting Systems

Figure 3-5 Silicon Laboratories Wireless Sensor Node Power Cycle

Figure 3-6 Silicon Labs Solutions For Energy Harvesting Systems

Table 3-7 KCF Technologies Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensors Offered

Figure 3-8 KCF Technologies Smart Rod End for Wireless Monitoring of Helicopter Rotor Components

Figure 3-9 KCF Technologies Rotor Energy Harvesting Devices

Figure 3-10 KCF Technologies Harvester-Powered Wireless Accelerometers

Table 3-11 KCF Technologies Wireless Vibration Sensors for Shipboard Environments

Figure 3-12 KCF Technologies Harvester-Powered Wireless Sensors for Industrial Machine Monitoring

Table 3-13 KCF Technologies Energy Harvesting Devices

Table 3-14 KCF Technologies Piezoelectric Devices

Figure 3-15 KCF Technologies Compact Narrowband High-Acoustic Sound Source

Figure 3-16 KCF Technologies Liquid Atomization and Dispensing

Figure 3-17 KCF Technologies Extreme Amplitude Piezoelectric Noise Source for HUMVEE Air Filter Cleaning

Figure 3-18 Perpetuum Rail Based Vibration Energy-Harvesting

Figure 3-19 Perpetuum Industrial Based Vibration Energy-Harvesting

Table 3-20 Applications Powered By PMG Rail

Table 3-21 Perpetuum Condition Monitoring Technologies

Table 3-22 Perpetuum Business Benefit To Dominate The Industrial Maintenance Scene

Figure 3-23 Perpetuum Vibration Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor Node Components And Structure

Figure 3-24 Perpetuum Switch Mode Efficiency

Figure 3-25 Perpetuum Condition Assessment Need

Figure 3-26 Perpetuum Condition Assessment Principle of Operation

Figure 3-27 Perpetuum Vibration Energy Harvesting for Rail Cars

Figure 3-28 Perpetuum Vibration Energy Harvesting for Rail Wheels and Bearings

Figure 3-29 Perpetuum Temperature Variation Energy Harvesting for Rail Wheels and Bearings

Figure 3-30 Perpetuum Temperature Variation and Vibration Energy Harvesting Wireless Network Solution

Figure 3-31 Perpetuum Vibration Energy Harvesting Solution Benefits

Figure 3-32 Perpetuum Energy Harvesting ROI for Ten Years

Figure 3-33 Perpetuum Energy Harvesting Current Produced

Figure 3-34 Perpetuum Energy Harvesting Power Measurement

Figure 3-35 Perpetuum Energy Harvesting Wireless Monitoring

Figure 3-36 Perpetuum Energy Harvesting Installation

Figure 3-37 Perpetuum Energy Harvesting Innovation Solutions

Figure 3-38 Perpetuum Energy Free Standing Harvesting Development Kit

Figure 3-39 Perpetuum Energy Harvesting Wireless Monitoring and Automation

Figure 3-40 Perpetuum Energy Harvesting of Under Monitored BOP Assets

Figure 3-41 Perpetuum Power Output Spectrum

Figure 3-42 Perpetuum Vibration Energy Harvester powering the Wireless Sensor Node

Figure 3-43 Perpetuum Vibration Energy Harvesters

Figure 3-44 Perpetuum Power Solutions for Wireless Monitoring and Automation

Table 3-45 Perpetuum Vibration Energy Harvester (VEH) Functions

Figure 3-46 Perpetuum Vibration Energy Harvester

Table 3-47 Perpetuum Industrial Markets Served

Figure 3-48 Perpetuum Markets Served By Industry

Figure 3-49 Perpetuum ROI Addresses The Hidden Costs Of Under Monitored Assets

Figure 3-50 Perpetuum Estimates Number of BOP Machine Assets Under Monitored Exceeds 70%

Figure 3-51 Perpetuum Assessment of Machine Assets Under Monitored

Figure 3-52 Marlow Industries Evergen

Figure 3-53 Marlow Industries Evergen

Figure 3-54 Marlow Industries Evergen Heat Source

Table 3-55 Marlow Industries EverGen  Plate Exchanger Advantages:

Table 3-56 Marlow Industries EverGen  Plate Exchanger Target Markets:

Figure 3-57 Marlow Industries Evergen Plate Exchanger

Table 3-58 Marlow Industries Evergen Energy Harvesting Solutions

Figure 3-59 Micropelt Energy Harvester

Figure 3-60 Micropelt Energy Thermogenerator

Figure 3-61 Micropelt Energy Thermogenerator

Figure 3-62 Micropelt Thermoharvester

Figure 3-63 Micropelt Peltier Coolers and Thermogenerators

Figure 3-64 Small Micropelt Peltier Cooler

Figure 3-65 Micropelt Peltier Cooler

Figure 3-66 Micropelt Small Peltier Cooler Specifications

Figure 3-67 EnOcean Middleware For Energy Harvesting

Figure 3-68 EnOcean ECO 200 – Motion Energy Harvesting

Table 3-69 EnOcean ECO 200 – Motion Energy Harvesting

Figure 3-70 EnOcean ECO 100 – Motion Energy Harvesting

Table 3-71 EnOcean Energy Harvesting Motion Converter

Table 3-72 EnOcean ECT 310 Perpetuum

Table 3-73 EnOcean Thermo Converter

Table 3-74 EnOcean Energy Converters For Energy Harvesting Wireless Applications

Figure 3-75 EnOcean-Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks

Table 3-76 EnOcean Alliance Energy Harvesting Solutions Advantages

Table 3-77 EnOcean Energy Harvesting Sources

Figure 3-78 EnOcean Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Technology

Figure 3-79 EnOcean Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Devices

Figure 3-80 Arveni Core Business In Energy Harvesting Using Piezo Electricity

Figure 3-81 Arveni Wireless Network Sensor

Table 3-82 Arveni Wireless Network Sensors Used

Table 3-83 Arveni Wireless Network Sensors Range Link Budget

Table 3-84 Arveni Micro Generator Features

Figure 3-85 Ferro Solutions Wireless Sensor Network

Table 3-86 Trophos Energy Marine Applications

Table 3-87 Trophos Energy Land Applications

Figure 3-88 Trophos Energy innovative Marine, Land, and Electrocics Power Generation Products

Figure 3-89 MIT Energy Harvesting Device Converts Low-Frequency Vibrations Into Electricity

Figure 3-90 Cymbet Energy Harvesting Transducers

Figure 3-91 Cymbet EnerChip Energy Processor CBC915-ACA and Universal Energy Harvesting Eval Kit

Table 3-92 Cymbet Solid State Energy Storage Energizing Innovation Target Markets

Table 3-93 Cymbet Solid State Energy Storage products

Table 3-94 Cymbet EnerChip  Solid-State Product Line

Table 3-95 Cymbet’s EnerChip Benefits

Table 3-96 Cymbet Energy Harvesting (EH) Features

Figure 3-97 Cymbet EnerChip CBC3105-BDC:

Table 3-98 Cymbet EnerChip CBC001-BDC: Target Markets

Table 3-99 Cymbet Energy Harvesting Applications

Figure 3-100 Infinite Power Solutions Thinergy Component

Table 3-101 Infinite Power Solutions THINERGY. Product Family

Table 3-102 Infinite Power Solutions, Inc. Applications For Energy Harvester

Table 3-103 Infinite Power Solutions Charging Methods

Table 3-104 Wireless Sensor Network Applications

Figure 3-105 JonDeTech Thermopile SMDs

Table 3-106 JonDeTech AB Thermopile Features

Figure 3-107 JonDeTech AB Low-Cost, Surface Mount Thermopiles

Table 3-108 JonDeTech AB Consumer Electronics Mid IR Sensors

Table 3-109 JonDeTech AB Residential Control Systems Mid IR Sensors

Table 3-110 JonDeTech s Technology Competitive Advantages

Figure 3-111 JonDeTech AB JIRS3 Sensor

Table 3-112 JonDeTech AB Key Features of the Thermopile

Figure 3-113 JonDeTech AB JIRS5 Sensor

Figure 3-114 JonDeTech AB Close-up of JIRS5 Sensor

Figure 3-115 JonDeTech AB Nanowire Sensors

Figure 3-116 JonDeTech AB Linear Array of IR Sensorson Polyimide Foil

Table 3-117 JonDeTech Thermopile Applications

Figure 3-118 JonDeTech AB Vertical Heat Flow Model Of Jondetech Thermopiles

Figure 3-119 JonDeTech AB Vertical Heat Flow Model

Figure 3-120 Jondetech Thermopile Infrared Radiation Tetectors Generation Flex

Figure 3-121 Microchip Technology Energy Harvesting Kit

Figure 3-122 Microchip Technology Energy Harvesting Kit Features

Table 3-123 MicroGen Systems Leveraging of Factors Converging To Open Up Opportunity In Energy Harvesting

Table 3-124 MicroGen Systems Energy Harvesting For Battlefield

Table 3-124 MicroGen Systems BOLTTM family of Micro Power Generator Features

Table 3-126 MicroGen Systems BOLT Industrial Product

Figure 3-127 Perpetua Renewable Energy Source for Wireless Sensors

Figure 3-128 Perpetua Renewable Energy Source Applications

Figure 3-129 Perpetua Energy Harvesting Device

Table 3-130 Perpetua Thermoelectric Technology Key Differentiating Features

Figure 3-131  Perpetua Technology

Figure 4-1 Energy Processing for Wireless Sensors

Figure 4-2 Energy Harvesting Transducers Variable Impedance

Figure 4-3 Maximum Peak Power Point for Variable Resistance Transducer 0

Figure 4-4 Normalized Power From a Constant Impedance Transducer

Figure 4-5 Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Technology

Figure 4-6 Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Solution

Figure 4-7 EnOcean Dolphin Interoperable System Architecture

Table 4-8 Energy Harvesting Modules Functions

Figure 4-9 Graphene Nanostructure

Figure 4-10 Piezoelectric Devices

Table 4-11 Smarter Computing Market Driving Forces

Table 4-12 Thin Film Battery Benefits

Table 4-13 Comparison Of Battery Performance

Figure 4-14 Thin Film Battery Energy Density

Figure 4-15 Comparison of Power Density of Energy Harvesting Methods/

Figure 4-16 Principle Of A Thermocouple

Figure 4-17 JonDeTech’s Thermopiles Vertical Heat Flow Model

Figure 4-18 Perpetua Flexible Thermoelectric Film

Figure 4-19 Perpetua Technology

Table 5-1 ABB Product Launches

Figure 5-2 Alphabet Energy Heat To Electricity Examples

Figure 5-3 Arveni Harvesting Energy Target Markets

Figure 5-4 Arveni Wireless Sensor Block Diagram

Table 5-5 ARVENI’s Microgenerators Systems Functions

Figure 5-6 Arveni Strategic Focus

Table 5-7 Arveni Strategic Focus

Figure 5-8 BAE Military Robot in Development

Figure 5-9 Boeing Vulture technology

Table 5-10 Boeing Military Aircraft Key programs

Table 5-11 Boeing Unmanned Airborne Systems:

Table 5-12 Boeing Weapons:

Table 5-13 CST Target Markets

Table 5-14 Selected Enocean Shareholders:

Figure 5-15 Ferro Solutions Energy Harvesters And Sensors

Figure 5-16 Ferro Solutions Energy Harvesters And Sensors Target Markets

Table 5-17 Ferro Solutions Selected Clients

Table 5-18 Ferro Solutions Energy Harvester Uses

Table 5-16 Ferro Solutions FS Energy Harvester Industrial Process Automation and Utilities

Table 5-17 Honeywell Energy-Harvesting Sensing and Control

Table 5-18  ITN Technologies

Figure 5-19 ITN Thin Film Battery Technology

Figure 5-20 ITN Battery

Figure 5-21 ITN Thin-Film Deposition Systems

Figure 5-22 ITN s Thin-Film Deposition Systems

Table 5-23 ITN Thin-Film Deposition Systems Products and Services Offered

Table 5-24 ITN Thin-Film Deposition Systems

Figure 5-25 ITNIYN Fuel Cells

Table 5-26 KCF Technologies Core Technical Focus Areas

Table 5-27 Kelk Recent Orders

Table 5-28 Micropelt Thin Film Thermogenerator Functions

Figure 5-29 Micropelt Systems

Figure 5-30 Micropelt Switch Gear Sensor Systems

Figure 5-31 Micropelt Thermogenerators

Table 5-32 Millennial Net s MeshScape System Functions

Table 5-33 MeshScape GO Deployment Components:

Figure 5-34 Perpetua Renewable Energy Solutions For Wireless Sensors

Figure 5-35 Perpetua Energy Harvesting Product Set

Table 5-36 Perpetua’s Thermoelectric Technology Features

Figure 5-37 Schneider Energy Value Chain

Table 5-38 Schneider Electric Intelligent Energy Management Solutions

Figure 5-39 Schneider Electric Revenue

Table 5-40 Silicon Laboratories Product Functions

Table 5-41 Silicon Laboratories Product Areas and Description

Table 5-42 Trophos Energy Harvesting Power Solutions Applications

Table 5-43 Leading Wireless Sensor Networks Market Participants by Technology

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