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November 25, 2013

ReportsnReports.com adds report Wireless Sensor Networks:
Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2019 to its store.
The 2013 study has 640 pages, 266 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are
poised to achieve significant growth as the Wireless Sensor Network is used to
implement the Internet of things.

The markets for wireless sensor networks at $552.4 million
in 2012 become very big, very fast reaching $14.6 billion by 2019. Market
growth is dependent on emerging technology. As the wireless technology, the
solid state battery, the sensor technology, smart phone technology and the
energy harvesting technology all become commercialized; these devices will be
used to implement wireless sensor networks. The wireless sensor networks
markets will be driven by the adoption of 8.5 billion smart phones by 2019,
creating demand for apps that depend on sensor networks.

Complete report is
available at http://www.reportsnreports.com/reports/271010-wireless-sensor-networks-market-shares-strategies-and-forecasts-worldwide-2013-to-2019.html.

Advanced technologies for wireless sensor networks are
associated with energy harvesting and thin film batteries. Emerging wireless
sensor networking is based on leveraging the feasibility of making sensors work
independently in groups to accomplish insight not otherwise available. Advanced
storage devices are emerging simultaneously with the energy harvesting devices
that are economical, making sensor networks feasible. Storage devices can
leverage the power captured by energy harvesting when sensors and devices are
interconnected as a network.

Energy storage technologies of super-capacitors and
thin-film batteries with cost-effective market presence are set to power
wireless sensor networking. Energy harvesting devices have attained workable
levels of efficiency.

There are significant cost reductions for wireless sensor
networking that have been accomplished in the past few years. Many applications
are related to smarter computing that depends on sensors capturing change in
conditions and making adjustments to the environment based on measured change.

Worldwide wireless sensor network device market driving
forces relate to an overall trend toward implementation of the Internet of
things addressing disparate initiatives toward adoption of the smarter planet
for buildings, roads, transportation, and mobile health initiative for chronic
conditions. This smarter planet trend promises to become prevalent as people
learn how to use small core processors combined with sensing technology to keep
the cities more livable and themselves healthier. Healthy behaviors such as
exercise, good diet and stress management have the potential to reverse aging
on a molecular level and partly restore the vitality of a person’s cells with
sensors and communication of the sensor data over wireless sensor networks
playing a significant role in management of life.

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Healthy lifestyle choices can increase the length of DNA
sequences found at the end of a person’s chromosomes and reverse aging. This
discovery is likely to increase interest in monitoring and testing DNA
sequences and looking at the ends of the chromosomes. This discovery is likely
to increase a shift toward wellness initiatives. It has stimulated the need for
better communication between clinicians and patients. New sensor technology
creates the opportunity for monitoring and testing. Wireless sensor network
devices can be used to send alerts to at risk people who are exercising.

Wireless sensor networking is set to grow as sensors are
freed from the grid and networks implement connectivity that is mesh
architecture based. Converting ambient energy to useable electrical energy
harvesting (EH) systems creates the opportunity to implement wireless sensor
networks. These networks interconnect an inexpensive and compact group of
devices and sensors. The networks use wireless capability to power portable
electrical devices.

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According to the wireless sensor network market research
study, “Wireless sensor network markets are evolving as smart phone
devices and technology find more uses throughout the landscape of the Internet
of Things. Sensors can provide monitoring that has not previously been
available. Differential diagnostic tools support provides differential
information that helps manage our daily lives from traffic patterns to crime
detections, to medical treatment.”

“The decision process take into account clinical
findings from the home monitoring devices and from symptoms verbally
communicated in a clinical services setting. Improved economics of healthcare
delivery implementation is facilitated by wireless sensor networks. This is
true across the spectrum of things that can be monitored by sensors”

These wireless sensor networks in the past have relied
heavily on batteries that need to be changed by a human. Energy harvesting
technology combined with solid state batteries power an increasing number of
consumer and industrial products that are untethered or need to become
disconnected from electrical outlets.

Wireless Sensor
Networks Company Profiles
: ABB, Adaptive Materials Technology – Adaptamat
Ltd, Alphabet Energy, Arrow Electronics, American Elements, USA, Australian
Defence Science Technology Organisation (DSTO), Arveni, Avnet, BAE
Systems, Boeing, BYD, CST, Cymbet, Digi International, Dust Networks, EnOcean
GmbH, Finmeccanica, Flexible Electronics Concepts, Ferro Solutions, Fraunhofer
Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, General Electric Company, GMZ, Honeywell,
Infinite Power Solutions, Inventec, IO, ITN Lithium Technology and more.

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Article source: http://www.international.to/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=17032:wireless-sensor-networks-market-worth-$14-6-billion-by-2019-forecasts-a-new-research-report&catid=309:pitchengine&Itemid=446


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